Lodge Heart of Midlothian - A History

Part 2

What is known is that it took three votes to decide between two proposed names for the new lodge, which were St. Johns (Edinburgh) and Heart of Midlothian. Further information is contained in a toast to the lodge proposed by Bro. Wm. MacVey PM of lodge Abbotsford No 937 at a meeting on 29th November 1918 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the lodge, when reference was again made to the name of the lodge and this early dichotomy. Bro MacVey mentioned the choice of lodge name and its association with Sir Walter Scott, whom he said "was responsible for the more or less fanciful name of the Heart of MidLothian, it having been applied by him (Sir Walter Scott) to the Auld Tolbooth and its precincts in reference to the many local and historically important events whose memories will ever haunt the site now marked with a Heart in the causeway off the SW corner of Old St. Giles". In response Bro John Hood PM, a founder member of the lodge and seconder of the name "St. Johns", said in response to the decision to call the lodge heart of Midlothian as opposed to St. Johns "The former was unanimously agreed to at the third meeting on the subject, on one of the brethren putting forward the following argument in favour of its adoption, that anyone asking a brother which lodge he belonged to and being told Heart of Midlothian would immediately say 'Oh! then you're a Scotsman'."

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